FREE TRAINING REVEALS: How To Build Ready To Buy And Quality Leads And Turn them Into Customers For Life Using My Proven L.E.O. Formula.

(This Secret Helped me to Sell massively online and I now travel abroad whenever I want)

Here is me at International Airport  IN QATAR(The country that hosted world cup)

On the 21st of march 2023, I took lead generation very serious

That was after I received lots of emails from My mentor Toyin Omotoso where he talked about how anyone can sell consistently online by building a QUALITY list of people who are interested in what you are selling and then selling your offers to them.


Here’s the amazing statistics

On the first 60 days of taking lead generation very serious, I did a total of 238 sales for a N7,000 WhatsApp training I hosted.

Here is the proof.

I was completely amazed.

Follow me, let’s do some calculation

N7,000x238= N1,666,000(one million, six hundred and sixty-six thousand naira)

I spent a total of N97, 350 so when you minus the ad spend, you will be left with N1, 568,650.

And from then till now as I am typing this, I have Consistently Sold online massively

You see, just like every other person, I made lots of mistakes when I started out newly.

I actually lost some money too when I was still testing lot of things because I didn’t know what works.

But right now, I have discovered the strategies and secrets of generating quality leads and turning them into loyal customers

For example, here’s a lead generation campaign I ran recently where I generated over 5,000 leads in under 7 days.

I posted it on online and people couldn’t believe it was true because the result was amazing.

Here’s another lead generation campaign I am still running that have generated over 8,107 leads in 10 days.

Because of my amazing results, lots of top internet marketers started recommending me whenever they mention lead generation.

Here are just a few of them

The LEAD generation method have helped me afford the kind of live that I have always dreamt of

Here’s me with one of my friend in turkey.

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Here are some testimony from few of my inner circle students that I have shared my secrets with.

NOTE: After the FREE training, I will make you an offer on how you can work with me directly but it’s TOTALLY OPTIONAL.


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